Japanese Language School

Language is essential for effective communication with one another and it is a city to the building of which every human being brought stone. Any language has its own beauty and tradition, so does the Japanese Language which inherits similarities to our Indian Languages.

The seeds of our Japanese Language School were sown in the year 1973 by our Founder Chairman, Mr. M. R. Ranganathan, who is also President of Nihon Technology Pvt. Ltd . His vast experience with the Japanese clients has helped this school to function in a novel way.It is now 24 years since the Language School started imparting Japanese Language to the residents of Chennai City and its suburbs. Though the School was started with only 8 students during 1973, it has grown from strength to strength and today there are about 600 students studying at various levels ( Basic Conversation, Advanced Conversation, Correspondence Course on Basic Conversation, Script Course from Level –IV to Level – I ). The steady growth in the students enrollment for the past 5 years can be seen as under:


YEAR ( 2005 )

YEAR (2006)

YEAR (2007)

YEAR (2008)

YEAR (2009)

Level – IV






Level – III






Level – II






Basic Conversation






Advanced Conversation












The students of our School are a heterogeneous group consisting of School & College Students, housewives, working people and a varying age group between 15-60 years. The Japanese Language is taught in Romaji version for Basic & Advanced Course of Spoken Japanese and in Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji for the Script Courses.

The Classes are taken by more than 30+ dedicated, voluntary teachers (including native Japanese Teacher) who are working at top Management levels at major organizations. The classes are being conducted on Sundays from Morning-Evening and on Special requests and if situation warrants Special Classes are conducted during week days. MCA Students are benefited by the Technical Japanese being taught to them at this Japanese Language School. And for the benefit of Business Community Crash Course (Fast Track Course) are being conducted at this School. This is useful especially for those who leave to Japan in a short time. Apart from this to give benefit for those residing outside Chennai correspondence course (Distance Education Programme) are also being conducted at this school on Basic Conversation Course.

Our Nihongo Gakko (Japanese Language School) is proud that many students having studied here passed various levels of Proficiency Tests and a few of the students had passed the highest level of Japanese Proficiency Test (Level – I ). All these exams are conducted by the Japan Foundation, Japan in coordination with the Consulate General of Japan at the respective regions. And from the year 2002 onwards our centre had been identified by the Consulate General of Japan, Chennai for coordinating in conducting the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for the four southern states (Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu).

Teaching materials used in this School for Teaching Japanese Language consists of Course Materials (books), Picture Cards, A - cards, Language Practice Audio Cassettes, Audio – Visual Methods etc.. Periodical tests are conducted in the lessons taught. Visiting Japanese Nationals and the Japanese residing in the Chennai City make Guest visit to the School and interact with our Students and enable them to improve their Japanese Language Proficiency. Revision Tests (mock test) similar to JLPT Exam is being conducted at our centre for preparing the students for the JLPT Examination. Modern infrastructure amenities / facilities like wireless lane connection at each class room for enabling the teacher to get connected to online internet services easily without leaving the classroom.

Our school is affialited to the Japanese Language Promotion Centre (JAPROC), New Delhi and many of teachers are the members of Japanese Language Teachers Association of India (JALTAI).

We are glad to inform that we have successfully conducted a 5 Day Japanese Language Teacher’s Training Workshop at our premises from 10 th-14 th December 2005 in which 56 Teachers from 18 institutions participated. The First ever set of Indian designed Kanji Flash Cards designed by Mr. Arunkumar, Faculty of ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI, Tamilnadu Centre was released during the Japanese Language Teachers workshop. This Flash Card is designed for people who want to learn level IV Kanji of Japanese Language Proficiency Test,quickly,effectively & easily.

In order to cater to the growing needs of the students, NHK T. V. Programs (Japanese Language Program) have been telecasted through out the day through our own Satellite Dish Antenna. The Nihongo Gakko has Multi Facilitated Class Rooms, Audio Visual Rooms, Conference Rooms, Auditorium and a huge library housing around 5000 books ranging from management, Japanese language education, technical cultural ,tradition engineering etc.

With more and more Japanese industries setting up their collaboration factories, Japanese technology and management flowing into India, our organization puts all efforts to create a resource Centre in Tamilnadu, for the industries in Tamilnadu for better assimilation of these techniques and technologies. We provide necessary industrial information about Japan and her industries to Indian industries so that our efforts can contribute to the economical growth of the industries and our nation.

Today Indian Software Industry is looking at Japan as a potential partner and we are proud to inform that all the leading Indian Software Houses doing business with Japan have our school students working with them in various capacities as translator’s software engineers and project leaders. Learning the Japanese Language will give exposure to new environmental and job opportunities.

One thing unique about the school is, though it is not a full time one like those in a university, this school has the largest number of students studying Japanese Language in this part of India. Moreover the Nihongo Gakko ( Japanese Language School) has contributed to the growth of the society in large. As our Japanese Language school is located in the heart of the City it is easily accessible by rail & road with convenient class timings adapted to suit all.

Apart from the Language Courses being taught at our centre, we are also imparting Japanese Language to the employees of the industries & Institutions at their premises at a nominal fee. Many of the industrial houses / Institutions in and around Chennai have utilized our expertise and are being benefited.